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5 Reasons to Create Your Own Website

Top 5 Reasons to Create Your Own Website

1. Savings on Cost someone else do it for you can cost you $250-$1000, pretty sure it can get higher. It really depends on what you want on your website.

My brother makes jewelries, and someone offered to build him a website for a very low cost.

He got exactly what he paid for, the person that did it barely got anything done on it. It took this guy forever to get my brother’s website finished. Continue reading

Azon Annihilation Review

CaptureAzon Annihilation Review / My Experience

Product Name: Azon Annihilation Owner: Ryan Martin Total Value: $114.91 Discounted Price: $9.97 Up-sells: I couldn’t keep up Rating: 50/100. This is actually the first product I paid for to try and start any type of affiliate program.